Meet the Team

Swetha - Director, Born2Win

Swetha – Director, Born2Win

Swetha is the Founder-Director of Born2Win. She holds an MA in Sociology, a BA in Public Administration, and a Diploma in Counselling. With almost a decade of experience in regional, national and international NGOs working on HIV/AIDS projects in India, Swetha has spearheaded several projects successfully in her continuing tenure as programme manager. As a child, Swetha – born Sudhakar – recognised her feminine traits, kept them hidden in a closet from her family, and continued to lead a dual life until even today. Conflicts in personal life have never deterred her. She chose to rise above them all when she formed the Born2Win trust with her like-minded colleagues. In her own words, “The NGO fulfils me. I have seen many a friend from my own LGBTQ community who stray away into begging and prostitution simply because it gives them money, food, and a pair of caring hands for a night (if they get lucky, that is!). I could bear this downtrodden, rotten life no more. And began finding leaders, stars from my own community who had succeeded against all odds to direct my own friends and the rest of our community into a more meaningful life. I spot more than one beacon of hope all around me. It’s towards them I hope the beneficiaries of this trust will walk and fare well.”

Ramba - Secretary, Born2Win

Ramba – Secretary, Born2Win

Ramba is the Secretary of the Trust. With interests ranging from the performing arts to community and block development, Ramba has over 15 years of experience in outreach activities related to HIV/AIDS projects in the state of Tamil Nadu. Not a graduate herself, she is striving to educate herself and the others around her. “I was working with an NGO for 15 years. Working with Born2Win gives me the emotional satisfaction and happiness I could not receive with my previous organisation. Other than HIV/AIDS awareness-and-mitigation-related work, this Trust reaches out to all people in order to serve them…Society gives a derisive look at transgenders. I want to break this. I want to prove to the public at large that transgenders also can achieve through serving men, women, and elders. Everyone is born to win. Hurdles are meant to be overcome and I shall, through the Born2Win trust help everyone become achievers.”

Few means and fewer opportunities have not deterred V. Tara Vijaykumar, a member of the Born2Win Trust. Her career objective is to invest everything she has to serve humankind. “I am proud to have joined Born2Win. The three transgenders in this organisation championing the cause of change serve the entire society other than serving their own kind. I wholeheartedly want to render service through this outfit…Society looks down on the sexual minorities. Brushing aside such looks and even inadvertent approaches, people at Born2Win strive to build a more equitable world for you, me, and everybody else. I am proud to be one among them.”



Another pillar of strength at team Born2Win is Loganayagi. With over twenty years of outreach and community development experience while also excelling at the craft forms of tailoring, building valuables from waste, as also skilled at chemical production, Loganayagi heads an NGO that caters to the needs of the mentally challenged women of Chennai. Recognised as one of the few organisations that perform honest work in the field of rehabilitation of the special women, Loganayagi contributes towards capacity building of the Trust.



“Every person is born with a unique quality. It is Born2Win, as an organisation, that introduces and awakens humanitarianism and social service that’s already present in all of us. We only need to look deep within us to invoke those empathetic feelings towards others”, says the youngest founding member of Born2Win, Mohanapriya. Despite lacking opportunities to educate herself beyond higher secondary school, Priya worked hard to learn the computers, while working on her interests in jewellery designing, and sales and marketing in various fields. Keen at social work too, Priya’s primary interest is to transform the world through inspirational speeches. An orator is whom she wants to become to spread the message of humanity.

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